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Photo MC

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View, organize and demo your photos instantly

If you enjoy showing your digital photo collections to your family and friends, you will surely love Photo MC. This extremely handy software tool lets you manage thousands of digital images right in the Windows Explorer. With just one click you can start the gorgeous pan-and-zoom slideshow with background music or narration for creating fascinating and unforgettable photo presentations.

Windows XP only

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Interface-free image viewing

The product seamlessly integrates into the shell, you can go about whatever it is you normally do with your files. To view and manage your photos, there’s no need to run an additional slow image manipulation application. Just click on the image file and it will open in enhanced explorer window with the Photo MC toolbar on top.

Adjustable photo viewing options

Photo MC enhances Windows Explorer by adding new functionalities. The program utilizes EXIF data on frame rotation for viewing photos, as most modern digital cameras have a rotation detector and EXIF data is recorded with each shot taken. It also allows thumbnail preview with adjustable size.

“Wow!” presentations without messing around complex software

Unlike most any photograph software, Photo Master of Ceremonies doesn’t require you to do anything to make a presentation. Specify the folder with the music tracks or narration records to listen to during the presentation once. Then just find the photos and run the slide show with a single click – that’s it! The presentation is spectacular and immersive. Slowly and gracefully you zoom into the photo, its details grow more prominent, making a breathtaking effect as if you were pulled into the realm behind the screen! The show goes on, and you dive into yet another photo but this time displayed from a different camera angle. The show continues until the presentation is over.

For home and business

This tool is aimed at everyday, casual digital camera owners who want to show the photos of their holidays, important life events to relatives and friends. Another application of the software is business. You can make a spectacular product presentation on several monitors or a computer-based advert from the photos, music or narration and use it in showrooms for showcasing products or just to create the picture for a business presentation.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP;
  • DirectX 8 or higher;
  • Pentium or AMD 233 MHz CPU (Recommended: 500 MHz or greater);
  • 128 MB RAM (Recommended: 256 MB or greater);
  • 2 MB hard drive space available.